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Mr. Red Café – A Hidden Gem

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When you think of Vietnamese cuisine, what comes to mind? Pho, of course! And in Vancouver, there is definitely no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants that serve pho. Having lived in San Francisco, where there seemed to be an abundance of Vietnamese restaurants, we learned that there is so much more to Vietnamese cuisine than pho. So, we were extremely excited to stumble upon Mr. Red Café, located at 2234 East Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, Canada.


Rose and Hong came to Canada three years ago with their son. With a law degree, Rose expected to find a good paying job when they arrived in Vancouver and Hong worked as a sushi chef in a Japanese restaurant. But in April 2014, Rose and Hong decided to fulfil their passion by putting all of their savings into opening Mr. Red Café where they serve exquisite family recipe dishes from Northern Vietnam, including pho.


Opening a restaurant is risky business and they weren’t sure if people would like the food they are serving since it is very different from the usual Vietnamese restaurants in town. They decided to create a restaurant where people would want to stay to enjoy their meal. With every dish that comes out of their kitchen, you can see the love in every detail they have put into preparation and presentation. They use the highest quality ingredients they can find and ensure there is the right amount of balance of flavour in every dish.


Their staff is like family to them. Everyday, the staff share a meal together, family style and they discuss all the good and bad moments throughout their day. By sharing great feedback, they are able to keep doing what they do well and improve on the things they need to work on.


One of our favourite dishes is the Bun Cha Ha Noi, which also happens to be their signature dish. Unfortunately we did not get to photograph it, since Rose had planned a beautiful meal of items we had not yet had the pleasure of trying. Everything we have tried on their menu has been a truly enjoyable experience. If you’re looking for some delicious Vietnamese, give Mr. Red Café a try. You won’t be disappointed.