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Chinese Homestyle

I am so excited to share this cookbook with you. It is filled with many childhood favourites and dishes I’ve recreated over the years that were influenced by my Chinese heritage, using modern cooking techniques. My recipes are simple and never fussy or complicated. With basic Asian sauces in your pantry, you will be able to prepare all the recipes in this cookbook. I hope these recipes will become some of your family favourites.

Each recipe has been created using the best tool for the job. Sometimes it’s a wok, an electric pressure cooker, air fryer or the humble stove. When possible, I have included alternative cooking methods.

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Instant Pot Elevated

My recipes are simple, using ordinary ingredients that your whole family will enjoy. However, I often use techniques that will elevate the flavours, going beyond a “dump and go” type of recipe. They are never fussy or complicated.

The recipes in this cookbook should work with other electric pressure cookers with similar features to the Instant Pot. If your electric pressure cooker does not have a sauté/browning function, you can sauté on the stovetop and transfer the ingredients to your pressure cooker. All the recipes are written to work optimally in a 6 quart pressure cooker.

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Instant Pot Recipe Collection

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Did you buy an Instant Pot because everyone seems to have one? Is it sitting idle in your cupboard? Whether you are new to pressure cooking or a seasoned cook, you will enjoy making these flavourful recipes for your family. These easy recipes are just some of our family favourites and we hope they will be yours too. It brings me great joy to teach and inspire people to make simple and delicious meals!

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Hi! I'm Flo.

I’m a wife and mom who’s on a journey to live a Simple, Ordinary & Joyful life. I love to laugh, cook and eat. This blog is where I share recipe ideas, stories and hopefully, a little inspiration.


New Cookbook

Whether you are new to pressure cooking or a seasoned cook, you will enjoy making these flavourful recipes for your family.

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