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We are now just over a week away from leaving on our epic road trip. EEK! It’s taken a lot out of my non-planning self to organize this trip but I have learned to hold loosely to the plans that I make (see my last post, plans). With that said, this is our itinerary so far:

Jul 25 Portland, OR
Jul 26 Crater Lake, OR
Jul 27-29 Sacramento, CA
Jul 29-31 Yosemite, CA
Jul 31-Aug 3 Las Vegas, NV
Aug 3-5 Grand Canyon (North Rim), AZ
Aug 5-8 Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Aug 8 Zion National Park, UT
Aug 9-12 San Diego, CA
Aug 12-19 Los Angeles, CA
Aug 19-26 San Francisco, CA

For the remaining two weeks, we have not made any firm plans as we make our way back up the Pacific Coast on Hwy 101. If you have any suggestions on some must see places, we’d love to hear them!

This trip came about mostly due to the amazing photos we have seen on Instagram and the connections we have made through this tiny app. During the past year, we have already met so many amazing people in person because of Instagram… People we would not have met otherwise. Our trips are no longer complete if we haven’t connected with some of those we have come to know online. We are so looking forward to putting more faces to those we have been interacting with, practically on a daily basis, over the past year and a half. This is where online meets offline. So excited!


  • oh shucks!
    We will miss eachother in Yosemite by literally a mater of days! i’ll be there with the Florida IGers the 25th and 26th of July.
    Sounds like such an amazing road trip! I am so excited to see your adventure documented!

  • So happy for you and your family, you are making some awesome memories. Hearst Castle is an interesting stop up the coast. Thanks for your photos and travel sharing .

    • Thanks so much for following along, Kathy! Will definitely look into Hearst Castle. Appreciate the suggestion!

  • What a trip you have planned! I hope you get yo meet a lot of your IG friends. I’ll follow you on your epic (for sure) on IG. Amazing!!!!

  • This is very exciting, and I am not even the one going on the road trip! Haha!
    I don’t if you are planning on seeing these places, but in Arizona there is this place called, coyote buttes. Never really seen people take pictures of it, but looks pretty cool. I have never been there though. While you are in the Yosemite area, definitely check out Mono Lake. If you can, a quick stop at June Lake, which is close to mono lake. Then there is the Death Valley, which has many places, but the Sand Dunes was awesome. Just that I suggest going to catch sunrise, because it can get extremely hot. If I think if any other ones, I’ll let you or the dude know. Oh and since you will be going from LA to SF then you should definitely take the 1 by the coast to see all the beaches and I am sure make multiple stops. In Malibu and many othe replaces like big sur. Also it would be cool if you had in mind any specific places you would like to see in LA 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Jorge! We are definitely going to Mono Lake and all because of you and your amazing photos. We already booked a campsite at June Lake, so this is perfect! We were planning to stop along the way on the 1 going up to SF too. So glad you think this is also a good idea. I’ll have to look into the other places you mentioned. Can’t believe we leave in a week!

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